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by Nociceptor


In the Mars-like atmospheric extremes of North Texas was born a fellowship of companions learned in the ways of travel and song. A pact was made and the companions vowed to remain vigilant over the dimensions of Time and Frequency until the time of the Great Reckoning. Through their efforts, the balance of compression and rarefaction was maintained through the aeons, eventually rendering them immune to the effects of mortality. One day, a being rose from the depths of The Earth, whose sole purpose was to be the antithesis of everything that the companions stood for. Her coming was prophesized by the ancient texts, and when the companions first lay eyes upon her, they knew that their deaths would be swift and terrible. A great battle took place, and the companions were driven to the brink of defeat. In what seemed like their final moments, the companions gathered the last vestiges of all their greatest powers, and began to weave a sonic tapestry which depicted the plight of a man from another world. A man hated by his own people, but who was, in the end, their only hope against oblivion. This is where their story begins: on the verge of collapse, with Death's fetid breath moistening the back of their necks. Victory for the enemy is assured, and there is no escape.


released February 21, 2017



Nociceptor Denton, Texas

Hailing from Texas, these masters of pulse deliver a crushing groove that is sure to induce vomiting and possible diarrhea.

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